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Ok so I know that most everyone here has some problem or with browsing certain websites such as facebook, twitter, tumbler, and the greatest website sharenator. Well as I my self was having the same problem I decided to look up a way to temporarily block certain websites while leaving accesses to the rest of the internet which I still needed to use. Well as it turns out apple does have an app for that (yea I know shcoker lol) this is called selfcontrol. seriously if you are having trouble with concentrating because of facebook or some other website all you do is download the app, type in the domain name of the site, set the timer, and the website goes bye bye for that amount of time. personally i love this thing cause it gives a count down till you can use set the clock again so by using this it gives you a specific amount of time to work and then when the times up you can take a break. any way i just found this and after using it a couple times i decided to share it with the rest of you guys because i feel some of you guys have could have the same problem as me :) any way heres the link below

and if this is reported by the spam bot please ignore it! this isn't an ad or anything! just a useful tool i found :D

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