Most embarasing moments of life!

Embarasing girl storys!
1. So this girl is shopping at a store with her mom for bras! And sudenly she sees her crush. So she walks over and starts talking! well everything is going great untill her mom walks up and sticks a bra right over her chest and asks if she likes it! She turns all red and walks away from her crush!!
2. The girls mom volentered to come in to her class and talk in front of the class. At the beggining of her moms speach her moms acsedently knocks over her own purse. Well guess what spills out… tampons and lots of them!!!! the girl franticly tries to pick them all up! but its to late everyone has seen them! now the girl has to sit while her mom talks for a whole hour while people talk about whats in her mothers purse!

Guy embarasing moments!
1. So this guy finally got a date with the most beautifull girl in the school. They are going to a movie. when they get to the movie its packed inside! So they take the last two seats left . the two seats are right beside a nother couple. so the guy sits down the girl sits beside him beside his date is the other girl and beside her is her date ( Guy – date – other girl – her date) So the guys date leans in to him so he puts his arm around her and starts playin with what he tought was her hair. A few minutes later the couple beside them looks over at him and leaves. His date looks at him in dusgust and leaves. It happens that what he thought was his hot dates hair was actully the hair of the girl beside them. They all tought he was flurting with the random girl they sat beside. Soon the whole school knew his dick move even though he tried to explain!