mind eroding illusions

Believe it or not, these lines are straight and parallel.
bentlines moilogo

colorii1 moilogo

The two birds in this image are identical. Not just in size and shape, but in color too.

colorii1 nobg moilogo

These "fish" may appear to be wiggling, but the only thing changing in this animation is the color.

faraway close logo

Lean up close to your monitor. What does this image say?

Try stepping back a few feet. What does it say now?

A variation on a classic illusion, this cat can be perceived as rotating in either direction. With practice, you can make it switch at will!

bluespiral moitag

"false spiral" -- actually a series of concentric circles, hard as it may be to believe. To prove that there's no spiral, try tracing your finger around one of the circles. You'll see that it never moves inward or outward.

cornerhouse 1 moi 450

Are the walls of this house facing outward, or inward?

cornerhouse 2 moi 450b

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    do you hate realty or something lol +3 stop making holes plz

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    You see that the cat changes from direction if you look for a while.

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    I don't get this one. Anyone wanna help me out?
    faraway close logo mind eroding illusions s590x632 95743 580

    wen u step back from it it says "you are far away" but wen ur close it says "you are close"
    - thekitkatkid October 4, 2010, 2:03 pm
    - mrfizzy12345 October 5, 2010, 1:26 pm
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    i fucking cant make the cat go the other way!... +3

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