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After filling a cup with water I found an air bubble trapped by spiders web
after filling cup water found air bubble trapped spiders web

This snowy creek looks like the Cookie Monster
thisnowy creek looks like cookie monster

This cloud looks like a glacier
cloud looks like glacier

My sisters wine glass broken perfectly we didn't know it was broken. We later found the top in the kitchen
myisters wine glass broke perfectly didnt know broken later found top

House has a tiny nose above big nose
house tiny nose above big nose

The sky outside my house right now
sky outside house right now

The position of this girls leg makes it look like she has bulging biceps
position girls leg makes look like she bulging biceps

On my flight tonight sat two seats away from an Air Force K9 bomb dog. The dog had its own seat and everything
flight tonight sat two seats away from air force bomb dog

skiers clothes perfectly line edge slope first glance their trousers appear

My 150 year old desert tortoise just came out of hibernation and released his huge pee of the year It contains uric acid crystals and nitrogenous wastes
year desert tortoise came out hibernation released his huge pee year

This tree has every color
tree every color

Buried a friend knee deep in sand When he stepped out the sand cracked and made this
buried friend knee deep sand when stepped out sand cracked made

This caterpillar looks like it has tiny penguins on its back
caterpillar looks like tiny penguins back

This rock looks like a potato
rock looks like potato

40 miles offshore a wild owl appeared
miles offshore wild owl appeared

A dump truck carrying smaller truck while towing another dump truck which is also carrying a truck with a washing machine
dump truck carrying amaller truck while towing another dump truck which

Only way all my pills fit in the container
only way all pills fit container

You never really think about how big traffic lights are
never really think big traffic lights are

Seagull Standing on top of a fake seagull
seagull standing top fake seagull

This picture makes my sisters yellow lab look like a polar bear
picture makes sisters yellow lab look like polar bear

Edgar Allen Poe appears as condensation on my ceiling every time I take ahower
edgar allen poe appears condensation ceiling every time take shower

This toilet lets you wash your hands before the water goes into the tank
toilet lets wash your hands before water goes into tank

My blinds created an interesting effect on my keyboard
blinds created interesting effect keyboard

I was wondering why my change didn't come out of the vending machine I looked inside the change dispenser
wondering why change didnt come out vending machineo looked inside change

This Indian restaurant was in a basement but wanted to create the sense that it wasn't They created an entire wall of fake windows looking out into pictures of a parking lot
indian restaurant basement but wanted created sense wasnt they created entire

Caught my attention while browsing Google images
caught attention while browsing google images

Perfectly round rock I found on a beach in Iceland
perfectly round rock found beach iceland

The Sports bar has one way glass in the bathroom so you dont miss any of the game
sports bar way glass bathroom dont miss any game

My captcha words were the same word the word same
captcha words theame word wordame

The top to my gas tank casts the shadow of batman at the right angle
top gas tank casts thehadow batman right angle

My local bar has an ice strip to keep your drinks cold
local bar ice strip keep your drinks cold

The vines growing my front door changed to the color of the door itself
vines growing front door changed color door

My TAs hat blends in with the chalk board I nearly shit myself when I looked up and thought he was headless
tas hat blends chalk board nearly shit myself when looked thought

I found ice growing out of a rail
found ice growing out rail

These magnets aren't on their display hooks
these magnets arent their display hooks

The rest of a fire hydrant
rest fire hydrant

This log in my backyard kind of looks like an avocado
log backyard kind looks like avocado

This tree has bricks in it
tree bricks

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  • Darius
  • December 10, 2013, 4:09 am
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    These are truly amazing!

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    Why is your life so much more entertaining than mine?

    • criel
    • December 11, 2013, 10:07 am
    It's not, OP took none of these pictures.
    - ghettoshen December 11, 2013, 9:24 pm
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    Everything on this page is a complete copy and paste from: . Down to the titles of the posts. And of course, no source.

    Now we have source, you don't know, maybe all of this happened to Darius and someone stole and put this on reddit?
    - xdvx December 12, 2013, 3:27 am
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