Mega Post #1

The amount of photos i attempted to upload was 1,535 and i previously tried to upload this and i got only 1,532 which was very close, but i forgot to checkmark all the pictures and had to re-upload once again, apologies to anyone who enjoys my pictures, as i have just lost the will to go through photos, but i will try.

Oh and lets not forget, i couldn’t find the damn select all pictures button, so i sat there, clicking all 1532 and it sucked!

And then i had to go through and assure myself that i had clicked them all, and at this point in time i still don’t know if i have. But when i see this posted i will.

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So i have spent a much more substantial time than i was willing to whilst uploading these pictures.

thats when i tried to upload this… and it didn’t work, hours of my time wasted, so i will try 500 increments. LETS BEGIN