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So this is my first post on the media and politics. please comment below.

the media today is getting to be kind of ridiculous, misinformation and political bias has become so prominent in some media outlets that people are actually turning to people such as John Stewart and Stephen Colbert (comedians who make a living off of pointing out such misinformation) to get an intelligent and fair analysis on some of the more important issues in our country today. and though some may argue that they both have a tendency towards liberal views and for that reason can't be seen as unbiased I would like to remind them that in order to have become such a credible source of information that not only must the information they been providing be solid and unbiased (to a degree, they give the facts and inject their comedic opinion but do the research necessary to provide both sides arguments before giving such opinions) but the information being provided by other sources must be so consistently bias that people are forced to watch a shows which only exists to poke fun at the media and politics. the fact that these shows have gained such a high respect from many Americans as credible and factual sources of information speaks to the misinformation that is provided daily by news outlets which make false claims in order to sway public opinion. the fact that news outlets actually take their opinions seriously also shows that these shows are making legitimate claims as to the state of our nation and the information that is provided to the people.
(to be clear I'm not saying all media is false or provide misinformation, I'm saying that some outlets do a consistently poor job in providing unbiased information and because of this we are turning away from some of these outlets. i do not claim that these two shows are always spot on correct either, they make mistakes as well in the information provided at times but consistently make an effort to provide informative information that other wise would be over looked by many major news outlets.)

So I'm going to ask sharenation their opinion. what do you feel about my view on the media today? Do you think that it is justified to actually rely on these shows as legitimate sources of information?
and finally what if any outlets would you say are the most informative and uninformative when it comes to providing information to the public? (this is simply to see what networks you think provide the best information to the public. I'm very interested to know about where people are getting their information from and how it affects their views.)

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    If you're not getting 100% of your news from the Onion, you're doing it wrong.

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    I rely on Erin Burnett's OutFront but most of the times i'm too distracted by her beauty.

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    The best idea to deal with the media bias is to learn to be apathetic. If you really try to get non-biased information you'll be chasing the rabbit down the rabbit hole. It's very clear the media has an extremely strong grip on American's consciousness. People don't know how to think for themselves and those that do don't care.

    Test your friends and ask them the following questions:
    1. Who is the speaker of the house?
    2. Who is the vice president?
    3. Who is the secretary of state?
    4. What is the US Debt level?
    5. What is monetizing of debt?

    Most people can't even answer those questions. But they feel qualified to vote in the presidential election.

    I see what you're doing and believe me it's a lost cause.

    A cause isn't lost until there is no one left to fight for it.

    I'm going to keep trying to keep informing people about these issues. it may be hopeless, but hell if it is then why should i stop? theres no point to giving up because if you do then you've already lost. :) i'm going to keep it up because there's no point stopping. it's not worth losing everything we have worked so hard for just because some people can't put their ego's aside.
    - 24paperwings December 5, 2012, 2:56 pm
    I commend you for doing so. I hope your experiences are better than mine.

    - iceman0305 December 6, 2012, 7:27 am
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    I agree with much of what was said. I get my actual news from reading, not watching or listening. Reading from multiple sources from across the spectrum to attempt to see what is actually going on. It can be difficult sometimes.

    I get my commentary on issues from Rachel Maddow. She is brilliant. Obviously bias, but hardly ever distorts facts or tells falsehoods.

    My least favorite would be the classic: Fox News. Not only have they been statistically shown to produce the least informed viewers out of any network, by a lot, they also consistently lie, bastardize information, and just make stuff up, in order to promote their specific agenda. If all that weren't bad enough, a tape was recently leaked (circulating widely) that shows Fox News actively persuading a politician to run for President, stating that they would support him in any way they can, and even offering to completely financially back that politicians campaign. A NEWS organization, backing a politician... completely. Despicable, they should be laughed off of television.

    I would love a link to this video if you can provide it
    - 24paperwings December 5, 2012, 4:11 pm
    - Logos385 December 5, 2012, 4:40 pm
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    I agree with probably 99% of what you say. I grew up in a household that watches Fox news but my grandparents watch CNN and MSNBC. My freshmen year of high school I had to start looking to more credible sources, I started with The Telegraph from the UK and Al Jazeera, then added RT and The Drudge report and have since completely abandoned Fox and CNN for news.

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