Meaning of the 4th of july

Fuck today, today we are supposed to be celebrating something someone else did 233 years ago. Something that made THEIR lives better, all those freedoms those men fought for, all their ideals, morals, and their liberation from tyranny…where is it now? We as a country have failed Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams,James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton. We allow our government to rule us instead of us leading it, we are intolerant of other religions and we silence those that practice free speech, we kill innocent people and let the guilty walk free, we allow the government to do as it pleases and we let them favor their own, tell me, when was the last time a cop served time for doing something hes supposed to be keeping others from doing. IDK about all you other americunts but im fucking ashamed to be a citizen fucking ashamed of the stupidity of the people in this country, a country that was once great, the beacon of hope and success, a new beginning for those who knew the process of legal immigration, and a rough start for the illegals. All it is now is bullshit bearaucracy endless paperwork and bullshit laws and acts. I pay taxes i follow the system and where does it get me? It gets half my fucking paycheck taken away so that some nigger in the south can lounge around in his government provided home eating government provided food that we as a nation pay for.
Youre right OPI hate the idea of this day, its cruel to look a nation in the eye, piss on their face and tell them its raining, it may seem kinky to some but thats the truth, no one can see that the real meaning to this day is all about the fireworks. the real meaning died out a long time ago

this was an anonymous post on /b/
i just wanted to know how you all felt about it