March Musical Madness

Hey guys and gals of Sharenator,

there’s a music thing, you may know about it, you may not, but anyway,

you can vote for your favourite bands to win each round, it’s done as a knockout competition, they need to get past one round then go up against the next band, then the next band, e.t.c

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which ever band gets a higher percentage of the votes each round progresses onto the next round…pretty simple stuff

here’s the link
have a look, vote for someone you like; and if you don’t mind going either way, please vote for Florence and the Machine; and 30 seconds to Mars

cheers lads/ladies 😀

*btw, it might say you need to click on the America bit, i don’t know where you are, for me it gave an option for America or Great Britain, i clicked the Britain one, it wasn’t right, so had to go back to the America one instead, you might need to do something similar
the page should look like this: