Magnificent CG Impossible Objects

Got these 4 impossible objects recently, and since we haven’t had any of these in recent past, I decided to share them with you. The “impossibleness” of these objects isn’t the main reason I’m sharing them – the main reason is how beautiful they look, even though they aren’t real life models (not that they can’t be produced in real life). The fact they are CG doesn’t make them less amazing. For those of you who don’t understand the CG part, CG means Computer generated, or how some of you like to complain in comments section: “photoshopped”. So, which one did you like the most? The last one kinda reminds me of our recently covered optical illusion game Echochrome. I liked the first one, but all of them are just amazing!

2240125200 e624d8234a - magnificent cg impossible objects
2240419327 15901b5dd2 - magnificent cg impossible objects
2240802625 0c0d6b0a9b - magnificent cg impossible objects
2252157302 291bc2973b - magnificent cg impossible objects