Love and Relationship Horoscope 2014

horoscope 2014 - love and relationship horoscope 2014

1. Fight and disputes
2. Short-term relationship
3. Perfect couple
4. They are made for each other
5. Passionate relationship, happy couple
6. It’s possible that everything will be fine
7. Possible disappointment
8. Unpredictable relationship
9. Friendship and joy
10. Both are stubborn, it is not clear who will win
11. Unusual, full of events relationship
12. Joyful and happy meetings
13. Complete mutual understanding
14. Different temperaments
15. Good couple, wonderfully understanding of each other
16. Both want to be the center of attention, one of them will have to yield
17. Don’t persist and everything will be fine
18. Strong relationship, a lot of common things
19. One minute and a fire is going to start
20. There is no mutual understanding
21. Everything is great in love and friendship
22. They can become sick of each other
23. Long-lasting and pleasant relationship
24. Complete mutual understanding
25. A lot of offensives and passes over in silence
26. Wonderful couple
27. They will not be very happy together
28. Pleasant relationship, the joy of communication
29. Strong mutual attraction
30. Learn to listen to each other
31. Only strong love can link them
32. Lots of adventures and joy
33. They are too different to be happy
34. Many tough days
35. A great relationship is possible
36. Pleasant and gentle feelings
37. They will find it hard to understand each other
38. Strong alliance
39. Misfortune, boringness, lack of common interests
40. The reach of each other is possible but it is not likely to be useful
41. Offensives and misunderstanding
42. A lot of happy days
43. Beautiful couple
44. Not much goodness, huge quarrels
45. Successful union
46. Everything’s fine but the quarrels are not avoidable
47. Happy relationship, they will do everything for each other
48. A lot of difficulties, not so much of romance
49. It’s bad together, doubts and nerves
50. Short relationship
51. Complete mutual understanding, but a monotonous alliance is possible
52. Avoid monotony
53. Will be very happy when they will overcome difficulties
54. Better not to try
55. You won’t wish better
56. Crazy love
57. Wild and passionate love affair
58. Pleasant and kind relationship
59. Lots of feelings and jealousy
60. A great relationship is possible when both sides try
61. Friendship - there's not much common in love
62. Everything is great, but there’s a need of a wide circle of friends
63. You need to trust the one you love
64. Relationship is not that easy, but happiness is possible
65. Love and friendship
66. Very different, will be difficult to understand each other
67. Not long term relationship
68. If the pisces are obedient, happiness is guaranteed
69. Crazy love
70. If the capricorn tries not to be boring, everything will be fine
71. Both are fond of freedom, it is needed to search for common pleasures or goals
72. Similar tastes and characters, but conflicts are unavoidable
73. It rarely manages to be happy
74. Common interests, emotional closeness
75. If they learn to yield to each other, they can be happy
76. Sympathy, but they will stay indifferent to each other
77. Lots of fantasies and dreams
78. Boring relationship

  • Mime
  • January 3, 2014, 3:22 pm
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  • 2

    "26. Wonderful couple" here :}

    • Linas
    • January 3, 2014, 3:23 pm
  • 2

    What relationship? XD

    • Vans
    • January 3, 2014, 10:02 pm
  • 1

    what a load of baloney

  • 1

    i never really understood this thing... does your birth year horoscope determine if you're a perfect couple? or does it change every year you see it? but that would conflict with the previous years determination of it being "perfect"... personally i believe "3" should be the number in a straight diagonal line from #1 to #78.
    because you with yourself is always the perfect couple and since perfect doesn't exist and there's only one of you it's impossible to be with yourself...

    *edit* i don't see anything that says "friendzone," are you sure this is accurate?

    Sir, im going to have to ask to stop being a killjoy.
    - peace January 4, 2014, 8:32 am
  • 1

    8 - unpredictable

    hmm, that is DEFINITELY accurate


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