Mentally ill man steals AK47 from the police car… 3000 police officers on a man hunt in the capital of Lithuania

Lithuanian police patrols got AK47 weapons since Paris terror attacks broke on Friday, November 13th. The very next day one policeman somehow accidentally shoots homeless civilian. Apparently wrong weapon safety switch position. Happens to the most trained, right? But …

5 days later (today), police patrol car arrests some guy with mental illness. Handcuffs him. Leaves him in the car. Forgets that there is AK47 left inside the car. Guy somehow stoles AK47 and is on the run now.

policijos automata kalasnikov atemes vyras spruko iskviestos sustiprintos

f1srf15 - mentally ill man steals ak47 from the police car... 3000 police officers on a man hunt in the capital of lithuania

Right now 3000 policemen, police special forces, helicopters are chasing mentally ill guy with lethal automatic gun. The capital of Lithuania, Vilnius probably will be closed for the night.

Situation is so ridiculous that it reminds me of this video:

However, it is very dangerous situation and hopefuly it won’t end up by a tragedy.

6 hours later criminal was found hiding in public shower 10 kilometers away from original escape point. He used public transport to get there. Strangely enough no one has reported a man riding a bus with AK47. One third of Lithuanian police force were used to solve this situation.

Considering that two reckless police officers arrested a 24 year old male and left him alone in the car with AK47 causing the biggest man hunt in Lithuania’s history makes quite a story. It hasn’t been a full week since police officers In Lithuania were handed AK47s to patrol on the streets but this was one of the hottest weeks in Lithuania’s police history since restoration of independence.