Leaving Sharenator

The trolls have found us.

This site is just getting worse and worse as time goes on. The posts are getting weaker and weaker and more semi-nude/nude posts are being created. Sharenator has been ruined by too many idiots. It’s like the population of Youtube commenters have migrated here.

I just realised that i don’t enjoy this site anymore and i was only coming here out of habit. I’ll come back at the end of the Sharenator Fantasy Football to make a post about the results.

In short – Sharenator has been infected by useless assholes and is becoming just another crap site. Which is a shame considering all the work Paul and Darius are putting into it, really respect both of you for creating an (originally) amazing site. Don’t get me wrong though, a lot of you guys are amazing.

Oh, just so this isn’t a post with me ranting in it i’ll stick a picture below. Points for it go to Paul and Darius. Edit: forgot to add them, sorry

me20so20holy20me20love20you20long20time20t shirt - leaving sharenator