just a little rant

The military life is hard, especially on relationships. When one person leaves, the significant other left at home is all alone. By alone I mean, their friends are there, they have people who, even if they don't understand what they're going through, are still there to support them. But that other person still bitches all the time, to the deployed half, or to everyone on facebook, about how hard it is. And its our job, as the deployed soldier, sailor, airman, or marine, to just support them and say reassuring things to them. But nobody ever thinks about the ones overseas. It's not just the person at home who is alone, the person who deploys has to leave EVERYONE, friends, family, loved ones, behind for up to 12-15 months, in a hostile country. Sure, you have your brothers to the left and right of you there with you, and that bond is a completely different type of bond, something you can't have with your civilian friends. But what does that person do, who do they talk to, when they are missing home? Everybody they're around is in the same situation. We feel the pain and hurt of not being with those we love, at least as much as those we love back home do. But, we have to keep all that inside, because that kind of distraction can get someone killed. And if you say something to the people at home, then they either become more worried about you, which in turn causes you more stress, or they get mad, because they're at home holding everything down. I'm not saying being a military spouse or family is an easy thing, but goddamn, try to think of how that deployed soldier feels too every now and then, when you're having your little "oh poor is me" pity party.

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest, its been a very long and stressful night...


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