Jokes #1

There once was a prince who’s penis was so big that it was basically useless. i mean like it wasn’t measured in inches but in feet! So he talks to a witch and asks if she can help him. The witch says she cannot, but she knows someone who can. The witchtells him in a swamp nearby there is a frog, if you ask it to marry you and it says ‘no’ your penis will shrink 3 inches. So the prince finds the frog and asks it ‘will you marry me.’ and the frog says ‘no’. it works so the prince decides to keep doing it. The prince asks again ‘will you marry me’. the frog says ‘no’. he asks 3 more times ‘will you marry me’. the frog says ‘no’ all three times. So the prince decides to ask one more time so his penis is just above average. So he asks the frog ‘will you marry me’. the frog turns to him and yells ‘How many times do i have to fucking tell you! No no no no no!’
The End 😀

i will post more jokes (shorter ones) if this post is rated good :P. hope you had a laugh! probably about 25+ points and ill add one called: car accident. I AM NOT bribing you to give me a good rating please give me what i deserve.