Jimmy the spider

Ok so I was strolling around my backyard, and ran into this spider, who i kept running into every night. I wanted to keep him, but i thought it was too cruel, so I decided to give him the name of Jimmy (I named him after the former Avenged Sevenfold drummer, Jimmy Sullivan, because he reminds me so much of spiders). Well anyways, im always on the look out for worms and bugs, so i can feed him, I’ve been doin this for like 3 weeks now, and its become a habit now. Every night he comes back to the same spot, and I dont really know where he goes during the day, but I just thought I’d share this with you all, so here he is.

img 0430 - jimmy the spider

257 - jimmy the spider

And here are two giant worm thingys (idk wat theyre called:P) and a giant beetle i saw the other day 😀

img 0479 - jimmy the spider

img 0458 - jimmy the spider