Are NBA stars coming to Europe?

The move of Josh Childress to Olympiacos has encouraged many speculations about NBA stars coming to Europe. One of the recent ones was an idea posted by American journalist. According to him Olympiacos could make an offer to LeBron James in 2010 when his contract runs out. Kobe Bryant wouldn’t mind going overseas if the right offer comes either.

Last season NBA MVP was answering journalists’ questions after USA – Russia game (Americans won it 89:68). Kobe Bryant was asked if there is a chance that he would continue his career outsite United States.

“Of course,” Kobe Bryant said.

Hisd father once played in Italy so Bryant was aksed if it would be Italy.

“Italy, Greece, Russia…”, said Kobe showing that he is not ruling a move to any country if he receives a good offer.

Now the managers of the big clubs in Europe could be wondering what would it take to bring one the brightest NBA stars to their team. The answer is simple – 40 million dollars.

“40 million a year and I am here. There’s nothing simpler”, concluded Lakers star.