is it true

go on to urban dictionary and type in your name then tell us what it comes up wit some are hallerious but is yours true

  • nayzar
  • March 20, 2010, 2:58 am
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    extremely goddess like figure who boys will line up to tie her shoes for her. She has an amazing death stare and will not put up with being called a priss. Because she is a GODDESS
    Dude, man, i totally got to tie anastasia's shoes for her!

    2. Anastasia
    epitome of awesomeness.
    She is the most Anastasia of them all.
    awesome stellar anesthesia natasha stacy

    3. Anastasia
    Russian girl, most likely blonde, very beautiful, with a gorgeous body. A very good friend, the type you're never embarrassed in front of because you know she has a nastier mind than you do. You'll tend to have many dirty inside jokes with her.
    Do you know Anastasia? She told me she watches retard porn!

    almost my hairs red and I'm not very beautiful:(

    1. Ember
    A small, glowing piece of coal or wood, as in a dying fire.
    embers The smoldering coal or ash of a dying fire.
    -The Basis of every GC and SP song
    Hoo Rah!

    2. ember
    Amber, but better...
    ..the future. Ember is Cool. Don't name ur kid Ember.

    3. ember
    Someone with with a big heart, a smile that makes one melt, but if need be a look that could kill.
    intelligent is ember ember is my gang-star boo
    beautiful book smart street smarts quick fashionable

    4. Ember
    A fire type Pokemon attack.
    I totally beat his bulbasaur in one hit because I used my charizard that knows ember.
    pokemon fire charizard weak strong ash ketchum

    5. Ember

    Fight Me.

    I'm going to name my kid Ember. When I grow up of corse I'm only 15.

    • ember
    • March 20, 2010, 5:56 am
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    sweet and swoll, often essential to people's lives; often likable and personable

    An amazing guy that tends to say "lolz" and "word" alot. He will make anything fun and tends to make people jealous of his awesomeness.

    A person (usually a man) that denies his sexual and pornographic tendencies and pretends to be a person of impeccable morality.

    A hot, kind natured man, who would do anything to please. Generally smart, with a liking for sci-fi genre of film - aka Star Wars.

    the best person that EVER walked this planet. the person people want to be. the nicest. the coolest. the most romantic. the hottest. (i lost the game)

    a funny kid that can make anyone like him. around when you need him and apperently in love with wrestling. fun textier and crazy friend but kind of like the kid yu would want to date cause he is amazing.

    a way of saying Mike or Michael

    The love of life and the one who will have a girl's heart forever. She is not ashamed of his love, and he is not ashamed of her's.

    He likes to cuddle and be held, occasionally scratched behind the years.
    Be warned, Mike may think he is a horrible bad person, when in fact he is only deeply in love and attempting to change himself for the better, with the help of this author.
    Because of his efforts and love for others,including but not limited to his love of his life, he is a genuine and caring person who is a desperate need of some major love-making.

    Mikey-(noun)- (1)A Name given usually as a nickname to an individual who is extremely amiable, and lovable. A person titled with the name "Mikey" is usually extremely intellectual, and philosophical. The name "Mikey" originates from the root "Michael" meaning the Guardian of Angels.
    (2)A Person who is extremely gifted, intelligent, and has the power to revolutionize the world. A person who understands what other people feel, and comforts them.

    A super-sweet person, very hard to stay mad at a Mikey. A Mikey will brighten up yor day. Responds well to cuddles and affection, not so well to chest punches and abuse. Muscly and good-looking, extremely kind and generous, willing to do anything for those he loves. Great fun to be around, gives the best hugs. Has slight addiction to drinks such as Lucozade. If he was a super-hero he'd be Superman.

    There's the Top 10 definitions :P

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    1. Justin

    Sexy, without flaw, loving, kindhearted, name for someone that is special to you, thoughtful.
    1:Hey, honey
    1:I bought you some flowers
    2:Your such a Justin, I love you!!!

    2. Justin

    a ridiculously huge cock
    he's hung like justin

    3. Justin

    1. an awesome dude who could take over the world
    3.has tons of friends
    person 1: i just got back from taking over the world and curing the common cold with my 67630 friends
    person 2: You're a real justin

    4. Justin

    One who has a huge cock and please's the ladies.
    Look at him! He is like a Justin!

    5. Justin

    To be the maddest cunt out, to be a Justin is to be of exceptionally high status. Both success with the minge and the money, things come easy to him. Respect
    "Man, look at that guy, he pulls the bitches like a Justin!"

    6. Justin

    adj. to describe someone or something that simply put is "just incredible".
    Omg, Tanner was justin last night!
    amazing awesome pretty cool orgasmic fucking unbelievable

    7. Justin
    Amazingly bodasious dude that can overcome all and in some point in time will take over the world. Commonly used to describe someone of high status and is alot of fun to be around.
    "That Guy Is Justin"

    8. Justin

    Greatest thing on the planet. Period.
    Also the name for, possibly, the sexiest men alive.
    Also see: sexy, greatness, hot, uncanny
    I child was born.
    Doctor: What will you name him?
    Father: John
    *baby remains ugly*
    Mother: No! Justin
    *baby becomes beautiful beyond all compare*
    Doctor: That's the greatest name ever!

    9. Justin

    One who opens the door for you.
    One who loves you and wants NOTHING in return.
    The man of my dreams.
    My prince came justin time!

    10. Justin

    justin is someone who can be so sweet your heart melts to the biggest asshole you hate.he is kind when he wants to be and will go out of his way to make sure your comfy or you have enough money,but will turn around and tare your heart out and step on it with his mean comments and rude outbursts. he love attention and the eyes of everyone in the room on him.will go out of his way to make a sence.has a horrible temper with rage burning in his soul.but the brightest loving eyes you can look in forever and seem like they never end,its great with children and has a soft spot for animals. he is selfish in bed but still makes you want more.he likes to scare you with the extreme, loves to hear you scream. he love to show you new thing you've never seen.he cant sit in one spot for long, must have something to do. he is handy and can fix anything from cars to your heart.when he is pissed off breaths very heavy with a stiff upper lip and un willing to stop the fight ,loves to make things worst.he will try to make thinks better after time and him calming down.justins are completely a love hate person .there charm make you stay and love them there stubborn and hurtful ways make you hate them. they will frustrate you till you have just nothing left but keep you where they have you wanting them and longing for then takes a strong headed women to love them and keep with it! for all the women dating or married to justins all over the world.all of us should admire you and your strong will! and you kind hearts for all your journey with them! so if you want to date a justin buyer beware!
    justin,make you cry on your brithday
    justin,rip the wires in your car out so you cant go somewhere
    justin,never see's your parents
    justin,can make you cry when they are kind
    justin,like to surprise you out of now where
    justin,can make you smile no matter how mad you are at them
    justin,need to be cuddled to sleep

    justin,have strong hands
    justin,eat like horses
    justin,love the adventure of life
    justin,has lots of friends

    justin,love to make people laugh

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    Austin 1238 up, 320 down
    buy austin mugs, tshirts and magnetsnoun; adjective; verb.
    noun: a very handsome man; a very cute man; a fun loving guy; a genuine ladies man; a funny guy; a guy with many talents; a guy with an average but satisfying penis; a guy who can, even when your angry, cheer you up; A sweet guy; a straight guy; a deep guy; a guy who is amazing in bed; a guy who can be an asshole sometimes; a guy who normally does stupid things; A phenomenal kisser;

    adjective: being funny; being sweet; being straight; not being able to jump high; being stupid; being charming;

    verb: running fast; masturbating slow; jumping low; sweet talking; telling jokes; acting like an ass; eating; pooping; having sex;
    "God, Austin you were so good in bed last night!"

    "Yeah he was really austin to me."

    "Woah, look at the boy austin."

    2. austin 1004 up, 497 down
    buy austin mugs, tshirts and magnetsextremely hot dude that is really hot and you can't not stand to look at.
    Austin come here my baby cakes!!!
    austin come here my baby
    by bitch hoe Mar 15, 2008 share this
    3. Austin 1037 up, 748 down
    buy austin mugs, tshirts and magnets1. The Capital of Texas.

    2. A guy that's good in bed, despite a less than great appearance.
    He sure looked uncool, but he was Austin in bed. He fucked me all night long!
    by Danny Berry Jun 15, 2004 share this

    4. Austin 360 up, 170 down
    buy austin mugs, tshirts and magnetsA Man with a Really big Dick that penetrates hoes like nothin.
    Dude that chick got Austin so hard she had to be put in a wheel chair
    austin dick pimp deep penatration
    by aguidry Aug 14, 2008 share this
    5. Austin 531 up, 443 down
    buy austin mugs, tshirts and magnetsCapitol of Texas known for having the tallest capitol building in the United States. That building itsel is taller than the on in D.C. Also known for the famous music festival South by Southwest(SXSW) where great bands come to get discovered. Home of the Longhorns. By far one of the greatest cities today.
    Fuck Seattle im going to Austin!
    by lonestar Aug 19, 2004 share this
    6. Austin 145 up, 62 down
    buy austin mugs, tshirts and magnetsAn amazing boy that makes my heart pound everytime I see him. I don't love him, but I miss him, I wish we had another chance. Btw, austin's cock is huge.
    The only thing better than spending time with him is messing with his cock, I love austin.
    austin hot sexy orgasmic kind gentle heart-stopping.
    by iwillalwaysloveyouaustin

    • Zink
    • March 20, 2010, 3:17 pm
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    1. zink 117 up, 48 down
    buy zink mugs, tshirts and magnets

    the fingering god

    • Zink
    • March 20, 2010, 3:19 pm
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    Dude, you totally spelled hilarious wrong.

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    oh my god its exactly right im scared

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    hey you gramer nazi prick im dislecsick

    • nayzar
    • March 21, 2010, 3:20 am
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    no takers yet....

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