Is It Time To Close The Gates?

This site is my favourite site ever. I want whats best for it, and feel free to totally disregard my whims, but I think that there should be no more new sharenators, unless an already existing users send a messgae to Paul or Darius requesting for special permission for a non registered user to be let in, with the promise of no bs (The already existing sharenators will be dubbed in the post “Prime Users”, and the new ones will be dubbed “Secondary Users”). Or, and I’m not even sure if this is possible, we could let new users register freely, but have an option that allows Prime Users to block or unblock ever even seeing Secondary User’s posts, and comments, and Secondary Users would not be able to uprate or downrate Primary Users posts. If this gets implicated. then we would just ban all the Prime User trolls out there, and they couldn’t come back!

These are just my thoughts, and I hope they can be done.

P.S. Stop with all the womans right jokes (yah, that includes the kitchen ones also)! My mother is a volunteer legal support worker that helps women who have been beaten and abused by their husbands, and she literally comes home in tears every night because it is so stressful. This is her primary job, and she only gets paid through donations by other sources, not by the women themselves.