Interesting Facts About You

The facts don’t all have to be about you they could be about a family member or friend etc. Try to put at least 3 things

1. I have a wallpaper of Zooey Deschanel for my PS3 background.
2. The world ended on my birthday.
3. My cousins turtle ran away from him.
4. If i could breathe fire i would.
5. Glen Coco and Daniel Tosh are two of my heroes.
6. When i was a youngfag like 9 or 10 i sprained my wrist trying to leapfrog over the balls they have outside of H-E-B.
7. I still haven’t taken my S.A.T.s even though i already graduated high school.
8. When my grandma was like 20 they offered her a baby tiger….. she turned it down.
9. Last year for my birthday one of my neighbors who had a crush on me gave me a pitbull puppy for my birthday. For the 4 months i had it i never gave it a name.
10. If i still had my pitbull i’d probably name it Weedy or James Van Der Beek
11. Murderer or not i’d bang Casey Anthony
12. Everyday i’m shuffling
13. I can tell the difference between butter, and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter