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This old-fashioned computer design is adored by 80's lovers, but these particular models were created and introduced a few years earlier. The prices look so funny compared with what we get for smaller amount money today. Let me bring you back few decades to the past. Which one would you take home from the 70's?
title - interesting vintage computer ad's

Altair 8800 ad from 1977

The Altair 8800 started the microcomputer era and provided a platform for Microsoft's first product, Altair BASIC. The Altair 8800 was sold by postal order using advertisements.
"Innovative Technology and proficient design are just some of the factors that spawned the growth of personal computers. The Altair 8800 microcomputer from MITS Inc., was the initial result of these developments and the pacesetter of this new industry."

01 altair 8800 1977 - interesting vintage computer ad's

IMSAI Megabyte Micro ad from 1977

IMSAI or IMS Associates, Inc, recognized the success of the Altair 8800 and developed a similar unit that has become known as the first clone computer.
"Until today, the largest memory you could fit and address in a single microcomputer CPU was 65K. Now, IMSAI presents an incredible memory system for micros 16 times more powerful that yesterday’s best. Imagine, a full megabyte of power from sixteen 65K RAM boards."

02 imsai 1977 - interesting vintage computer ad's

TRS-80 ad from 1978

Tandy Corporation’s TRS-80 computer became very popular because of the company’s expanded network of Radio Shack stores (Radio Shack - The biggest name in little computers).
"The amazing new 32K/Level II/2-disk/line printer system at $3874"

radio shack

Apple II ad from 1978

The famous Apple II. By 1978, this one was of the first mass-produced microcomputer products. This is a two-page advert.
"Apple is a fully tested and assembled mainframe computer. You won’t need to spend weeks and months in assembly. Just take an Apple home, plug it in, hook up your color TV and any cassette deck tape deck—and the fun begins"

apple fp

apple fp

Byte magazine ad from 1978

By 1978, BYTE Magazine already had about 100,000 subscribers.
"Over 30,000 BYTE readers have already built, or bought, their own systems and half of these have 8K bytes or more."

06 byte 1978 - interesting vintage computer ad's

Q1 Corporation ad from 1978

The Q1 Corporation was a high-stakes player in the early microcomputer industry.
"Q1 Corporation was the first to introduce microcomputer systems with flexible diskette drives for external storage, which are now becoming the industry standard."

07 q1 corpopration 1978 - interesting vintage computer ad's

HP System 35 ad from 1978

Hewlett-Packard has been building desktop computers for good and their second system was called the System 35.
System 35 is especially easy to use. With its built-in HP BASIC operating system, it’s ready to begin solving problems as soon as you turn it on. There are no complicated startup procedures, no operating system to load, no compiling to puzzle out… Prices for the HP System 35 start at $9,900 with CRT, and at $8,700 with single-line LED display.

08 hp 1978 - interesting vintage computer ad's

IBM ad from 1978

In this ad, IBM uses an image of a shrinking Alice in Wonderland to draw a parallel to the shrinking prices of computer time. The advert looks creepy somehow.
"A set of computations that cost $1.26 on and IM computer in 1952 costs only 7/10ths of a cent today. That’s because IBM scientists and engineers have put their imagination to work to create and improve information technology."

09 ibm 1978 - interesting vintage computer ad's

Apple ad from 1978

Apple explains the computer world to a potential customer.
"Suddenly everyone is talking about personal computers. Are you ready for one? The best way to find out is to read Apple Computer’s “Consumer Guide to Personal Computing.”

10 apple 1978 - interesting vintage computer ad's

Commodore Pet ad from 1979

Commodore’s first full featured 8-bit computer was the PET.
"It’s the inexpensive PET (Personal Electronic Transactor) home computer by Commodore. Complete systems are priced from just $795."

commodore pet

OnComputing magazine ad from 1979

With personal computers becoming more appealing to the average consumer, there was a need for making computer world more accessible and easy to understand. The OnComputing magazine was there to fill that emptiness .
"Anyone can learn the fundamentals of using a computer."

12 on computing 1979 - interesting vintage computer ad's

Siemens Corporation ad from 1979

Siemens provided office communications systems and claimed sales of over $300 million.
"For example, office communications as swift as a voice can travel, as silent as a machine can print."

13 siemens 1979 - interesting vintage computer ad's

ComputerLand ad from 1979

As the IMSAI microcomputer started to face more competition, the owners of the company decided to branch out and founded ComputerLand retail computer store, so that they could benefit from their competitors successes.

This advertisement features the Atari 800, the H/S Data Systems WH11A, and the TI-99/4.
14 computerland 1979 - interesting vintage computer ad's

Apple Ad from 1979

Time waiting for access to your company’s big mainframe is time wasted. What you need in your department—on your desk—is a computer that answers only to you…Apple Computer.

15 apple ad bf 1979 - interesting vintage computer ad's

Exxon Information Systems ad from 1979

Who knew that Exxon sold microcomputers and other office equipment in the 70s?

This two-page ad features the Vydek 4000 19-inch two-page display word processor, Qwip Two facsimile machine, Qyx Intellignet Typewriter, and the Zilog MCZ-1/70 microcomputer system. On the other page: from the top left- Vydek 4000, Qwip Two, Qyx, and Zilog MCZ-1/70.
exon fp

exon fp

Compucolor II ad from 1979

The Compucolor II was designed and marketed for use in schools.
"The Compucolor II is completely portable and self-contained. No clumsy peripheral. No complicated interface and no expensive time sharing contracts."

18 compucolor 1979 - interesting vintage computer ad's

HP 9800 System 45B ad from 1979

Aimed at professionals, the System 45B’s standart configuration provided 187K of read/write memory and sold for $22,500.
"You and your technical staff can address a problem through HP System 45B’s typewriter-like keyboard, check the results on the CRT, perform related computations, restate the problem based on those computations, and print out the hard copy on its built-in thermal printer—all without breaking the rhythm of the problem-solving process."

19 hp advert 1979 - interesting vintage computer ad's

Creative Computing magazine ad from 1979

"At Creative computing, we obtain new systems as they are announced. We put them through their paces in our software Center and also in the environment for which that are intended—home, business, or school."

creative computing

Perkin-Elmer 3220 ad from 1979

This is a minicomputer and it's 'slightly bigger' than it's predecessor microcomputer.
"Only a few years ago, big data manipulation jobs such as handling reservations for an airline were strictly the province of large, powerful, and expensive mainframe computers… Now Perkin-Elmer has introduced the first of the next generation of 32-bit “superminis”—the 3220."

perkin elmer

Harris Communication and Information Processing ad from 1979

This Harris ad features a picture of the Harris 1980 distributed data processing system at General Foods.
22 harris 1979 - interesting vintage computer ad's

Intecolor 3621 ad from 1979

The major cause of profitable sells for Intelligent Systems’ computers was their high quality color graphics.
"Our new Intecolor 3621 puts the color advantage in a desk-top computer. The 13-inch screen can display 32 lines of 64 ASCII characters, as well as plot graphics on a 128 x 128 grid—in eight brilliant colors."

intelligent systems

ITT ad from 1979

ITT World Communication created a world wide data transmission network (Internet was introduced way later) to make data easily accessible to professionals.
24 itt 1979 - interesting vintage computer ad's

Radio Shack ad from 1979

This earlier mentioned Radio Shack advertisement features a 14 year old computer consultant and shows the TRS-80 Model II.
25 trs 80 1979 - interesting vintage computer ad's

(Image credits goes to TechRepublic.)

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