60 Interesting Gifs

Bravit candle


Popping balloons with a laser

Old school tennis


Magnets at their finest

Alka-seltzer put in water in zero gravity

Octopus camouflages itself against seaweed


Blink Fast

"You die after about 80 of these"

Airplane through colored fog

Smoke and Sound


How an angel shark feeds


Kip-up to handstand


Snow plow on a train

Evolution of F1 Cars

"You can change the direction just by thinking about it."

Next stop, the moon!

Sea anemone runs away from starfish

3d-printed skull

How markers are tested

Hot metal melting ice

Octopus changes his skin color

It wont get smaller!

Blow bubbles with a CD

Sugar and sulfuric acid


Watermelon exploded by the squeeze of a hundred rubber bands

Superhero Hexaflexagon

Robot has high jumps


A caterpillar walking

Full Day from space

Tornado Inhale

Human Heart

Secret paintings found in 19th century books

Hitting a gasoline-soaked tennis ball

A computerized machine made out of children's toys and a cell phone that can solve a 40-year-old puzzle in less than 6 seconds - in other words a Lego Rubik's Cube solver

The cobra effect

Signal Aquired

A Molting Cicada

The Atlas Moth

How dogs drink water

Chlorine and Coca Cola

Paper airplane circling oven because of heat

A spinning 150 year old plate.

Fire spreading across a robe.

Steel Wool + Battery

Wringing out a washcloth in space.

Manual Forging of Metal

Ripple Simulator

Nicely done

Two stage Domino


Snowy landing


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  • Darius
  • December 15, 2013, 8:24 am
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    You keep finding these awesome gifs... and all I can find it crap like this ;_;

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