title - inbetweeners

Welcome all !
I know this is a repost but Me and Dannyl are both in agreement that this is such an amazing program !
Ok let me introduce the characters

inbetweenerswill - inbetweeners

This is Will McKenzie, he unwillingly moves from a private school to a suburban comprehensive where he makes three new friends, Simon Cooper, Jay Cartwright and Neil Sutherland, none of whom are cool or credible.

inbetweenersneil - inbetweeners

This is Neil Sullivan, who is a boy for whom the phrase ‘in a world of his own’ was invented. Neil is always 20 seconds behind everything and everyone, but occasionally he does say something almost profound.

student pocket guide inbetweeners interview jay

Everyone has had a mate like cheeky Jay Cartwright. The sort of friend that in later life you look back on and think ‘why did I hang around with him?’.

simon - inbetweeners

Simon is Will’s closest friend at Rudge Park. Despite being coerced into looking after Will when he first arrived at school, Simon has warmed to him.

Ok Now you know the characters here is them in action