I’m freakin’ pissed

What happens:
Act 1: He’s loud

Act 2: He’s told to shut up

Act 3: He gets hit

Act 4: He tries to chill and sits down

Act 5: He’s still being called things

Act 6: Gets hit again

Act 7: Defends himself

Act 8: Gets pulled out of the stadium and yelled at by a mob.

These fans have an IQ of a potato. They clearly saw who the attacked first and they still side with the old man just for the fact he is elderly. Younger guys are always in the wrong, it’s biased people like that which tears society down. I really just want to beat the shit out of the guy yelling to throw him out. Seriously the guy is being nice by not striking both the fat bitch and the old man. So what if he is a loud mouth? It is pretty obvious that he is doing his own business at his own seat where the 2 fatty pricks came to bother him and even hit him. The crowd who assume that old people are always right seem to be the greatest fool here. They should mind their own business when they clearly saw that the guy is defending himself.

1 – the old man is going to die, it’s what old people do.

2 – bitch, get a bra that fits and lay off the hamburgers

3 – kid, i’m with you,if king kong and shrek were yelling at me i’d be lipping off at them too. The Kid doesn’t have manners, but i give him 5 stars for not physically retaliating. The “fight” {aka falling without grace} was unnecessary… geez, what a mess. He fell down the chairs with The old man, but he never kicked him, just got up and left him sprawled. Bitch tried to assault him again, and the kid shoved her — self defense — but 5 stars again for not punching her back or anything. So what do my fellow sharenators think?