im frickin pissed off!!!!!!

ok my whole day yesterday went fine until i got home i thought someone was cooking corn then i look at my yard it’s bernt to shit! my nabor told me the some douche bags started a fire even though theres a burn ban! my whole back yard is fucking shit no trace of life pretty much. and i almost lost my house! it was burning it! i can’t wait for them to find out who did this! some people are worst off then me they have no water what so ever! when they find who did it he will go into some deep shit. that fire caused over $10,000 of damage. if anyone lets me know how to upload pics from a t moble phone i will gladly upload pics
edit* im disaponted in the people that downrated me i have seen posts like these and there never down rated, and there not even as bad as losing a house and going pretty much homeless for a while. if it’s cause of my spelling thats fucked up