I’m being very personal here :)

ok.. so i am not a photographer nor do i take photos or have my own digital camera XD but these pics were taken three years back (summer holidays) and are very special to me
each one has a story behind it

Just a very amazing dinner with my favorite person in the whole world

midnight flower snappels

This was taken in a hospital yard
early morning.. i did not sleep that night.. i was on the phone with my cousin all night crying my ass off and sharing my darkest problem
also it was the birth of a beautiufl baby (i was supposed to sleep with the mother in her hospital room but another patient came.. so i just left)

morning roses snappels

This pic was taken on a mountain in damascus (the capital) and i was spending my last night there with a very special wise friend

sun rise snappels

I was with my friend.. also in syria..

sun set snappels

This is Syria guys.. i took this pic while i was on mother mary’s mountain.. this is my village (where i actually come from)
i spent that night clubbing and celebrating mother mary’s day LOL
then we went to have coffee

sunrise special day snappels