if we could have pokemon... good or evil?

togepievil - if we could have pokemon... good or evil?

evil togepi

pikaevil - if we could have pokemon... good or evil?

we all know, that if pokemon were real the world wouldn't be as happy and cheerful as the show... but a lot more fighting and pokemon wars: which side would you join? Would more people become evil or good? it would create a lot of different laws and world wars, but would it be worth being so much fun? >:)

pokemon splash

I think I would have to go with good?

imagine with all the bullying and stuff going on today, if you could just throw out a charizard and beat the shit out of someone... my childhood dream lol

this is my first post thanks for reading :) +3 if you like and lets get a discussion going!

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    I would rape the world with my set of pokemon
    1st is missingo
    Missingno Trophy by mewtwo64

    2nd is dark quilava
    039 dark20quilava - if we could have pokemon... good or evil?

    3rd is suicune
    HOMG IT S SUICUNE by kimbo demonica

    4th is a doped mew
    doped mew by vaporotem

    5th is none other than CHARIZARD
    Charizard by greyanimebeast

    6th & my strongest, my trump card
    tyranitar by niv100 - if we could have pokemon... good or evil?

    wat would I eat on my endless journey....marshmallows!
    Charizard 21 of 30 by Ununununium

    dude how many missingos are there :o
    - flamingdeath January 6, 2011, 3:48 am
    only 5
    - thekitkatkid January 6, 2011, 11:43 am
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    dude..if pokemon were real, i would drop out of school and catch me a Mewtwo and rule the world XD

    • Mizuno
    • June 15, 2010, 8:28 am
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    WIN! XD

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    Here's What I Would Do:
    -Destroy bad guys and become a hero
    -Fly across the world on Dragonite
    -Drop out of school to become a Pokemon Master
    -Change my name so when I'm known across the World I'll sound awesome

    I don't know if I would be Good or Evil, Maybe a mix of both. A Heartless Angel as they would say! ;D

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    I would start a pokemon fight club.
    then I wouldn't talk about it.
    then I wouldn't talk about it.
    then I wouldn't talk about it.

    and start calling yourself tyler durden o.o
    - PwnzElite January 6, 2011, 7:47 pm
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    I'd catch a Rayquaza and a Lugia and fly one of them to school every day. Fuck riding the bus I got a Rayquaza and a Lugia. If someone tries to fuck with me, I would send out my Steelix. I would also have all of the Eevee evolutions (just for the hell of it). If I feel like raging, I'd send out a Blissy, because as everybody knows, a Blissy can fucking tank! I would of course have Mewtwo, so that way anybody else with pokemon can kiss my shiny metal ass.

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    I would totally want the Bad Ass evil Pokemon!

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    wouldnt your pokemon rather get some then battle? i mean really. *togepi used attract* *togepi got raped*. lol. it would happen too lol. i would be good too dude. kick team rockets ass.

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    3vil!!! mwah ha ha!

    Dragonite Hyper Beam on Bank. Steal money. Blow up cop cars. get away free.

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    i would be kind of in the middle fighting for my own profit but also being good to my pokemon

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    wouldnt it just be fun tho? lol like just catching sweet pokemon and using them however you want... id kick so much ass

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    That's one scary ass suicune..

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    I knew some ppl wouldint know who missingo is so I went through the truble of getting him with the discription.
    wat r u talking about that suicune looks so cute

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    Wel Good Job.
    And yes...maybe you're right..nothing is Cuter than Red Eyes and Long Fangs piercing your Soul..

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    awww cmo'n wat do u have to say about that charizard

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    I heard of a missingo once before. My friend has one. That pokemon creeps me out, & on the old or new red & blue can u find it?

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    ur definately right i mean the world would be freakin epic excpt for cubone mother the only pokemon that ever dies wars would be simpler even tho U.S.A would win because we have typhlosion.....but then again japan does create the pokemon

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    lmao imagine the pokemon army some countries would create... like korea and america and china

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    Thats One Epic Ass Charzard Right There!

    • JayDeh
    • June 15, 2010, 11:54 pm
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    But ma Pokemanzzzz r real though!!!!!

    • Wupwup
    • June 16, 2010, 6:22 am
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    is that a real trophy? because I thought i unlocked them all..

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    I've already seen it and I was gonna use it on my next post! XD
    But that's cool...it's too cute...I wish I could roast marshmallows now - .-;...

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    Yellow Missingno Trophy by mewtwo64

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    what? lol

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    lol idk

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    It's from Fight Club. :O

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    oh right lol thats a good movie

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    good side i guess...

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    EVIL muahahahahahahahahahhaa

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    I would probably just fly around on my charizard and do whatever the hell I wanted

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    you have to be logical for a second here.
    would you really have the chance to catch an arceus? if you had, it would make headline news around the WORLD. think about it, like catching a wild suicune, one of its kind, would promote you to an almost top official! instant celebrity!
    the games dont show that well enough and i wish they did, like if you had a palkia or groudon walking behind you the NPC's would be amazed or when you send them into battle the opponent would enter on the screen and be like oh my fuck a LEGENDARY! in real life, thats honestly what would happen.

    also, if i ran into a baby lugia that was with its mother i wouldnt have passed that shit up, i woulda caught the whole damn family.

    my choice? id have to go with charizard or arcanine. in the RARE chance i caught one (slim, almost impossible) than id get a latios as well, just for free flyer miles =]

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    that would be cool be able to chose to rule the world or save it. i pick rule. and i would have an evil ralts

    damn only if pokemon was real and there was an evil and good side :(
    - castlewarsisawsome March 23, 2011, 4:15 pm
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    i pick evil only 2 unite the world under one ruler to create a world of peace

    How very LeLouch of you.
    - drakengard85 August 12, 2011, 3:04 pm
    and this time i will prevail!
    - GothicRoze August 13, 2011, 6:10 am
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    i would use a mew level 100 that knows transform. i can kill you all with my shiny ditto that knows explosion transform dive and flash p.s. it is level 100

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