If You Mess With Nature, Don't Be Surprised If It Strikes Back!

bird attacking drone

Human beings often think that they rule the Earth, and that they don't need to be concerned about the other creatures that they are sharing the planet with.

Sometimes people end up taking a lot of liberties with the way that they treat animals…but sometimes nature fights back! This series of photos will show you just a few of the times that people have gotten complacent and nature has come back and bitten them in the butt.

Next time that you are thinking that human beings always win, take a moment to remember these pictures and then think again!

seagull attacks again

parachute birds

elephant car

2m Wedge-Tailed Eagle takes down Drone

hungry lion

hungry lions

monkey attacks stick

monkey attacks

lion attacks vechile

different aspects bird migration

animal attack

pigeon attacks

moose attack

tiger attacks

deer moose attack

birds poop car

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