If This Fails To Wake You Up, Nothing Will

Do you often get late to work or school when alarm clock fails? I think these people have found a solution how to wake up before alarm clock.

Fire Alarm Bell Alarm Clock
fire alarm bell alarm clock
Ever sleep-in because your alarm clock wasn’t loud enough? With this design that is guaranteed not to happen!
Source - hackedgadgets

You Snooze, You Lose. Please make it stop! This is too much to take!
money shredding alarm clock

Now that’s loud!
loudest alarm clock
Have trouble waking up in the morning? He adds some automotive style driven horns to his cheap old alarm clock. It can wake up the dead!
Here, have a listen:
Via : Kipkay

Worlds Biggest Alarm Clock
biggest alarm clock
I think i need an alarm clock like this for Mondays. I reckon it would work every time.

Heavy sleeper? Use smartphone in a cup!
life hacks

I bet you will never snooze again after this.
never snooze again

Just a very loud alarm clock.
loud alarm clock

  • Ensx
  • May 29, 2014, 7:50 am
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    These alarm clocks are real devil machines :D

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