OK as you could guess from my name i’m Icelandic
iceland is a really great country, technically evolved but stil with TONS of beautiful nature
the only energy we produce over here is natural, like hot springs or using natural rivers for making electricity
so i hope you enjoy and i also hope you will visit us sometimes, and if you do, be sure you visit Gullfoss and Geysir

icelandic bad weather…

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And some pictuers of our towns and other human-made stuff:

the blue lagoon is 100% natural, but has been built around so people can go there and relax

bla lni

bla lni

a collection of Icelandic small towns

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our capital

reykjavk2 - iceland :d

reykjavk - iceland :d

and finally, the glacier that erupted this year, Eyjafjallajökull

iceland volcano eruption updates eyjafjallajokull eruption calms down

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I hope you enjoyed this!
farewell from Iceland 🙂 ;*