Ice cream van

Soooo…this just happened on the Chase (popular quiz show, not important if you don’t know it)

1 - ice cream van

In case you’re wondering, the correct answer is A) – beach ball
A fan threw it onto the pitch, the actual ball bounced off it and into the net.

But here’s the internet’s reaction to her answer:
No credit for this goes to me, all photos/comments shown below are taken from the comment section on this photo on Facebook:

“She’s right isn’t she?”

2 - ice cream van

“To be fair fans are always throwing ice cream vans on the pitch..”

4 - ice cream van

(This guy is one of the people on the show)

6 - ice cream van

“Silly girl she’s thinking of the Aston Vanilla match”
(Aston Villa are a different team)

7 - ice cream van
9 - ice cream van
11 - ice cream van
12 - ice cream van

And my favourite response..
“idiot it was obviously C”

But I’m also concerned at the number of people who actually didn’t know. There were a few arguments about whether this is an easy question or not; mainly started by girls who don’t know about football, so they think B is as likely as A or C.
That just hurts my brain…