I really need some help… /_/

Ok so for a while my girlfriend has been saying that she isn’t good enough for me and i deserve better, but today it got worse way worse… now i love her with all my heart and iv’e tried everything that i can think of and no matter what i say or do she says she doesn’t think so…

she wrote me this today and this is exactly as she wrote it

“I know i you really don’t like letter/notes but i dunno…I felt like writing you one. I know iv’e said said it before and i’ll say it again. Even though i’m in that mood where i try and convince you to do better and so on. I want you to go find someone who isn’t bi-polar, depressed, who won’t hug there friends more than you, has anger issues, who does’t get easily upset, someone who can look you in the eye and tell you i love you, who actually likes the way they look, some one who dresses nice, someone that will talk about whats wrong without the feeling of being hit (side note: idk where she gets that from idk if her ex did that but ive never hit her)I want you to find someone that isn’t me…i can’t have these fellings that i just wrote about. I can’t have the feelings of being heart broken everyday cause of it anymore. I just can’t. I have a felling that i have to protect myself from getting hurt…i’m sorry i just had to write it out, it made me feel a little better…but most of akk i have this feeling of not deserving to be loved and just die alone…. i’m sorry….i’ll stop….”

no like i said i love her wit all my heart, ive never hit her, i do everything for her, i spend what time i can with her, i spend what money i have on her, and i say the sweetest things to her to make her feel better or prove that i can’t do better than her.. i just dont know what to do anymore…if she leaves me i will have nothing left in this world to live for, it could very well be the end of me.

EDIT: we figured it out now