I need some advice?

I just got a new laptop because my old desktop was being a complete failure. It’s got a virus that my virus scanner can’t pick up, and usually my scanner freezes up when it gets to a certain point. What I’m planning on doing is after getting my laptop completely situated, I’m going to put my desktop through a complete system restore and push it back to factory settings. If I manage to succesfully complete that, I’m going to post it up on ebay and try to sell it. My cpu should have the following settings after complete recovery:

Only basic driver functions and capability’s
Windows XP Home edition 32bit OS.
All attatchments will need to be re-installed. (I don’t have the disk for my video card, nor do I have the default video card.)
I don’t know if this computer came with office or not, but if it did, I’m not entirely sure if that will still be available.
Due to the lack of video card capability’s, games will not be able to run.
No anti-spyware/virus protection will be installed on the computer.

Those are kind of vague, but that’s what I’m planning on selling.
I’m keeping my speakers.
I’m going to charge extra for the wireless card. ($75, it cost me almost $100 in the first place.)
I won’t be held responsible for any problems with the computer after it has been sold.

I’m thinking about selling the computer for around $300, maybe $350.
Any feedback would be awesome.