I Just Passed 100!

I am now rank 93! I am now a Shareknight! WOOHOO! Everybody Celebrate.
Now before I go, CallMeGoogle and I had been talking about a zombie-proof house just for all of the Shareknights, the Sharelords, and the Supreme Sharelord with all of the others Shareslaves. CallMeGoogle wanted me as the Master Shareslave and I had said no because I was almost a Shareknight. Then, he game me the privilege to choose who would be the Master Shareslave. So now I am choosing who would be the Master Shareslave. Remember, He/She has to be below 100 in rank. Any ideas on who it could be? I was thinkin awesomeeeee or BadassSquirrel, but I’ll let Sharenator get an opinion on it too.
Any thoughts?