I Love Guns

The Russian MTS255 shotgun
russian shotgun

HampKs Grey Room conference room
hampks grey room conference room xpost rpics

P226 Scorpion TB
p226 scorpion tb 1085x678 oc - i love guns

Beretta 12 guage
beretta guage

Tactical Fnp45 with Osprey Suppressor
tactical osprey suppressor

Rugers Millionth Gun of 2012
rugers millionth gun

AK47 confiscated from Somalian pirates. Yes it works.
confiscated from somalian pirates yes works

Oh that glorious gun smell
glorious gun smell

FN FiveSeveN
fn fiveseven 1024x681 - i love guns

Firing an M1911 underwater
firing underwater

Colt Anaconda
colt anaconda

Every part of my 1911 sorted by size
every part sorted size

RSh12 127mm Assault Revolver
assault revolver

That gun
1000x773 that gun - i love guns

Travis Haleys custom AK
travis haleys custom

In 1967 Gunny Carlos Hathcock set the record for the longest sniper kill. He used a M2 50 Cal Browning machine gun mounting a telescopic sight at a range of 2500 yd taking down a single Vietcong guerrilla.
gunny carlos hathcock set record for longest sniper kill used cal

4 inch Stainless Colt Python
inch stainless colt python

M1897 Trench Gun
trench gun

Silencerco Osprey suppressor on 300 AR15
silencerco osprey suppressor

M60 overlooking ocean waters
overlooking ocean waters

HK51K with a XProducts X91 drum
xproducts drum

Korth Blued PlasmaFinish Revolver
korth blued plasmafinish revolver

MP5K with functioning concealment briefcase
mpk functioning concealment briefcase

M1 Garand
m1 garand 1800x1200oc - i love guns

MP5 with wooden furniture
mp wooden furniture

Remington MSR
remington msr

Punt Gun from 1923 an oversized shotgun for largescale waterfowl hunting
punt gun from oversized shotgun for largescale waterfowl hunting

My FS2000 with Eotech setup and hollowed out magwell
eotech setup hollowed out magwell

Chiappa Rhino 357
chiappa rhino

Desert Techs new bullpup MDR at SHOT Show 308 16inch barrel
desert techs bullpup mdr shot show barrel

g3 porn 1440x883 - i love guns

FG42 2x MP40 1x Kar98K
fg42 2x mp40 1x kar98k oc 1920x1080 - i love guns

HK MP5K PDW 9MM with all the trimmings
mpk pdw mm all trimmings

PSO1 scope
pso scope

  • sowhat
  • January 31, 2014, 4:50 am
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    Personally I like that first shotgun the most, very pretty.

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    It's amazing how people turn guns into works of art that you can't bring yourself to shoot.

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