Hurricane Sandy Rips Through East Coast (Updated 23:36 CST OCT302012)

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As we progress through the week, this may be edited to provide more details.

On Monday, October 29th, 2012, Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey ripping through many cities of the famous state, known for its reality series “Jersey Shore”. Atlantic City has been ridden with water, a levee collapsed and 4 other citys in NJ were also flooded and entrapped many citizens atop of their homes or within their homes.

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Hurricane Sandy has been continuing its wrath for the last 72 hours from West Virginia’s snowfall, to New York’s flooded transportation tunnels. Continuing with its own claim to fame of shutting down the stock exchange for longer than 24 hours for the first time since the Great Depression. It also contributed to the outcome of at least 80 homes being burned to the ground in the borough of Queens, NYC, NY.

This storm brought the stop to campaigning for Governor Romney and President Obama. Namely Romney’s because he was planning on visiting New Hampshire and other states on the eastern seaboard. So now all he can do is offer words of wisdom and pray for the survivors. Meanwhile, President Obama proceeded on doing his job as the lead emergency official in the United States, first with gaining the approval of Governor Chris Christie after granting his request for emergency assistance, Along with declaring New York a natural disaster and national emergency, after the disasterous effects across the entire city, which put many people at risk and without homes or vehicles.

Needless to say, Hurricane Sandy has taken her wrath on the great United States.
Update 15:45 CST OCT302012
The President declared West Virginia and Virginia as being in a disaster; makes plans to visit New Jersey tomorrow. Also, the New York Stock Exchange may be experiencing a very jumpy and edgy day tomorrow due to the two day closure.
Update 18:29 CST OCT302012
The New York City subway system has been delivered a major crippling blow. There is talk that the nation needs to be more prepared for major disasters, namely bigger cities like the Big Apple itself. Mayor Michael Bloomberg stated that it could be “a good four or five days” before any functionality to the subways will be restored. Bloomberg also went on to say that there was extensive damage avoided due to the preparations that they had taken. Airports were also effected, but are expected to make a much well received return on Wednesday.

Due to the Hurricane, news sites are also being knocked out. Data centers spread across the city for the news sites were hit by the dramatic storm. Sites include the popular stockmarket website, “MarketWatch” made popular by CBS, and the Wall Street Journal’s very own. Another website that recovered quickly includes The Huffington Post, best known for it’s popular editorials.

In brighter news, the New York City Marathon will still happen regardless of the effects Sandy left behind. New York Road Runners President Mary Wittenberg said in a statement Tuesday, “The marathon has always been a special day for New Yorkers as a symbol of the vitality and resiliency of this city.”
Update 19:37 CST OCT302012

100s were evacuated during the wrath of Hurricane Sandy from the prestigious New York University Medical Center when the backup generator failed to engage. They were hurriedly rushed to surrounding hospitals that were also enduring the destruction.

Businesses along the eastern seaboard will be opening up tomorrow. It is a well known fact that businesses meed to be open in order to operate, but the effects of missing even one day of production can be devastating to some business owners, namely independently owned stores.

44 have been confirmed dead and there may be more to come as Sandy continues as a tropical storm through the United States and into Canada. This comes as no surprise after the effects that millions are already enduring. Millions of people are without power, heat, and transit; this is a major scare as there is a predicted cold surge expected to freeze the northeast corridor this weekend.
Update 23:36 CST OCT302012
The death toll has risen to 46 confirmed and rising due to now called “Superstorm Sandy”. The ways people have been effected has increased as well, from rivers overflowing due to levees collapsing, power outages throughout New Jersey and New York, snowstorms in West Virginia, and major fires in New York City. The aftermath of this storm has been said to be record-breaking and astonishing, in terms of damage.

There has been an update for the airport openings of New York City. The historical JFK Airport will be operating at a limited capacity starting Wednesday, October 31st, at 7 am EST. LaGuardia Airport will not be open due to flooding and no word has been provided to know as to when it might. Then the last major airport in the area, Newark Liberty International Airport will also resume at a limited status.

Politics has not taken a halt, though campaigns were supposed to. There is strong talk about words of Governor Romney saying that we should not be providing disaster relief on a federal level, but pass it on to the private sector or states. Romney continued to ignore questions about the federal involvement during his rally for relief that replaced his political one. However, President Obama is using FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to the full capacity that’s available to him. He is both being praised and criticized for acting so swiftly. Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey, rejoiced and called his actions “wonderful” when he held a press conference about the assistance being given to his state. Former FEMA Director, Michael Brown, best known for his poor action during and after Hurricane Katrina, says that he
thinks the president reacted “premature[ly]”. Brown also attacked President Obama for his policies and reaction to Benghazi with the following statement, “Why was this so quick?…At some point, somebody’s going to ask that question…This is like the inverse of Benghazi.” Clearly, we can see politics did not cease during our time of crisis for the GOP.