How To View Hidden Content on Facebook Fan Pages Without Becoming a Fan

Sometimes curiosity gets the best of you. Sometimes you want to know what “The 10 Funniest Pictures you’ll EVER see in your Lifetime” are, but you don’t want to have to become a fan of it on Facebook before you even get to see them.
There are a few different methods to see the hidden content on these Facebook fan pages without having to let all of your friends know that you like a fan page called “Justin Bieber Smashes His Head! Epic Fail!” gives you easy access to most of the hidden content on fan pages. Copy and paste the title of a fan page with hidden content into the search bar in the upper right corner of to see if a post has been made for it. If it has, the hidden content will be available right there on the site. It’s frequently updated, so you should be able to find most of the Facebook fan pages with hidden content that you encounter.

Page Style Removal

Another simple way to see hidden content is to use your browser’s page style function. First, load the page that has the hidden content on it. Then, remove the style from the page. If you’re using Firefox, this is as simple as going to View and then Page Style in the menu bar and changing the page style from “Basic Page Style” to “No Style.”

Now scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page until you find the hidden content. It will typically be below the content that was already visible and just above the Facebook copyright text.

Sometimes the hidden images or text will be right on the page, but keep in mind that you might only be looking for a link to another website, like above. If clicking the link reveals a small box with the content in it, you can change the page style back to normal to make the box bigger and the content easier to view.

The Bookmarklet Method

Another simple method requires the use of a bookmarklet. Drag the following link to your bookmarks toolbar: reveal hidden content. You can instead copy the code below and bookmark it as a link if you like:
Now, go to a fan page with hidden content.

Click on the bookmarklet, and voila!

Script Solutions

If you don’t want to have to click something every time you go on a new fan page, installing a script is the permanent solution. You can install the Bypass “Become a Fan” Greasemonkey script for Firefox here. It will automatically make all hidden content visible on Facebook fan pages. You can also get it as a Google Chrome extension here.
Keep in mind that the above methods won’t necessarily work for everything. And if a fan page asks you to complete a survey to see the content, definitely don’t bother, because the content most likely doesn’t exist. Otherwise, best of luck finding out things like “The Status Update That Got A Teacher FIRED!” without having to like the fan page.

What is your preferred method for bypassing fan page requirements?