How To Pimp Out Your Desktop

Download the following programs:


-ObjectDock looks nice once you install it, but to fit your taste, go to wincustomize to download nice themes and skins. It’s basically a windows version of one of those mac toolbars you see. They are used to cleanup your desktop.

145118 objectdock - how to pimp out your desktop

-Rainmeter is a nice all in one widget. It has a clock, RSS reader, notes, ect. Please keep in mind that with a slower computer, I suggest not downloading rainmeter do to the major lag.

img skins dock for rainmeter ghenarys


For this, go to wallbase. They have many cool wallpapers. Some are NSFW so be careful. Or, use google.

wallpaper 176517 - how to pimp out your desktop


Themes are what change the look of your OS. They have plenty at Depending on your version, you might need the unpatcher for the themes to work. I don’t know here to get this so just google it.

29805 - how to pimp out your desktop

Here’s my result:

desktop 3 23 10 - how to pimp out your desktop

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