How to make your own GIF tutorial

Please Expand All first..

Step One:

You will need to be able to download the videos from Youtube.
I use RealPlayer and Chrome
Download Realplayer

To download the video: Open the video on youtube and hover mouse over it and a [Download Video] link will appear
like so

gg - how to make your own gif tutorial

This will directly download the video into a folder in your video’s folder

While your video is downloading, let’s see what else we need to download

Step Two:

You will need to download TWO softwares
because one will cut your video, edit it, and do whatever you please
however the other will you give you an excellent GIF quality
The first software is called: ImTOO video converter ultimate
Download ImTOO
Just download the trial but it will not allow you to save edited movies for more than 30 seconds (fair enough for an awesome software)

The second software: Free Video to GIF Converter
Download Free Video to GIF Converter

Step Three:

I like to convert my video to Zube while its on Realplayer download pannel

like so:

2 - how to make your own gif tutorial

This will directly send the file to your videos folder

Step Four:

Now you should have both softwares ready so we can start the real work

Open ImTOO and open the video you want to edit

Now I don’t know much about the software yet.. so you will need to explore further

here is how I cut it, add my watermard to it and maybe even crop it if needed

3 - how to make your own gif tutorial

Step Five:

Open Free Video to GIF Converter and open the file you just saved

4 - how to make your own gif tutorial

And there you go.. save the GIF where you want and ENJOY XD

This is the one i was making through out the process

By snapps..
Sorry for any grammer or spelling errors.. for further questions you know where you can contact me XD