How to get past the internet blocks at school!

Ok, with this, I’ll have to go through 2 different situations. The more confusing one first, of course.


You’ll need a proxy that works on your schools computer. Of course, this will be the last time you’ll need it.

Go on google, and search “Ultrasurf”. The first link is the one you want.

Go to “Downloads” at the top of the screen, and download the latest version.

Open the file.

Extract all the files from “u992”, setting the destined location as your desktop.

Rename the file “u992” to “untitled”.

You now have internet access, to any web site, through any censor!

(To get rid of the gold lock, go to options and hide the gold lock next time you use ultrasurf.)


Now, here’s the easy way.

Download Ultrasurf at home, and save it on a USB drive. Then, drag it onto the desktop… much easier than the first way. Don’t use the program while it’s on your USB though, since it disappears and doesn’t work… at least on my school computers.

Hope this helps, don’t get caught!