How to Cure A Hangover as Fast as Possible using a Proven Method

Step 1.

cocconutwater thumb

Buy some coconut water, they sell it at most grocery stores in the ethnic food aisles, under Mexican, or Asian food. Two cans will do, coconut water has 15 times more electrolytes than gatorade, plus a wallop of potassium, goes down easy ice cold, and will help rehydrate your poor body that’s been ravaged by alcohol, faster than gatorade or water.

Step 2.

banana thumb

Eat a banana or two, after the coconut water has started rehydrating you, the potassium in bananas will balance out your bodies fluids, relieve muscle pain, reduce your headache, and normalize your blood pressure, which is high due to the dehydration of alcohol.

Step 3.

eggss thumb

Eat a couple of fried eggs, the eggs have essential fatty acids and vitamins that your body is depleted of, and will provide you with a steady dose of energy. Plus eggs contain cysteine, a substance that will break down a hang over toxin called acetaldehyde in the liver’ s glutathione.

Step 4.

tapwater thumb

Drink four, 8 oz. glasses of tap water, in quick succession. This will finish the rehydrating process, and dilute whatever alcohol remains in your stomach and blood stream.

Step 5.

multivitamin thumb

Take a multi vitamin, the coconut water, bananas, and eggs are good, but not enough, 1 multi vitamin will fill in the remainder of vitamins and nutrients you didn’t get from your light breakfast.

Step 6.

aspirin thumb

Take a baby aspirin, or just 1 plain old aspirin, this will take the edge off your headache, don’t take two aspirin, this will just exacerbate your hangover, and it’s just common knowledge that alcohol and aspirin is bad for your liver, but a baby aspirin on a full stomach won’t hurt, and will actually help, if it dissolves in your stomach with food.

Step 7.

jogging thumb

O.k… the final step, after you completed step six, wait about half an hour. At least until the food has settled in your stomach, and you have gone to the bathroom at least once to empty out your bladder.
Your final step is a hurdle, but will knockout your hangover.
Go for a jog, run non-stop for a good ten minutes, your body gets rid of toxins another way by sweating. That diluted supply of toxins from last nights drinking will come out of every pore in your sweat, your body is like a sponge, you dried it out with alcohol, now you’ve replenished it with water and nutrients, and now it’s time to squeeze that sponge and flush out all the bad stuff thats lingering. After your done, drink a couple glasses of water, take a warm shower, make sure you don’t take a hot shower, a lot of moisture evaporates from your skin during a hot shower, leaving you closer to dehydration. Before your done, turn the shower water ice cold, and rinse off for 30 seconds, this will shock your body, and get your blood flowing and your lungs breathing deeper. A cold shower for just thirty seconds gives your body an immune response, and trust me, after a night of hard drinking your body is in a weakened state leaving you susceptible to a cold or flu, so an immune response from a cold shower is extra protection. Plus you will feel invigorated afterwards, and your hangover should feel non-existent, after a brutal cold shower therapy session.

hangover - how to cure a hangover as fast as possible using a proven method