How to avoid internet filtering.

There are a couple of ways to get around any internet filter.

No1: Find a php web proxy. Try typing circumventor into google. You might get lucky.
This isnt the best way and some scripts like flash and java may not work but it will work on the majority of sites. These services can also be slow due to the number of people using them.

No2: Install your own cirumventor software such as
However again scripts may not work and it isnt very fast.

No3: If you are using a windows XP or later operating system you could remote desktop to your home pc. This is good for doing things on your home PC or browsing text based stuff. Anything heavy graphics wise will be too slow to use.

No4: Now this is the best one but you will need to pay attention.

SSH Tunneling is nearly unblockable, untracable, fast, secure, encrypted and will run everything and anything. Including games such as WoW whereever you are. But you are going to need a pen drive.

You will need:
A pen drive (1gb+ recommended)
Putty from this link:
freeCap from this link:
SSH server for windows here
or a Linux installation.

Copy putty and freecap to your pen drive and install them.
Copy and install any software you want to use throguh the filter to the pendrive.
Install SSH Server on your computer. make sure the ports are open on your router and that your firewall doesnt block it. For this example im going to use port 2345.
Most people only have a dynamic IP address on their home PC. This is a problem as you will need to know your IP address all the time and your home PC has to be on.
Make sure your home PC has a login account and a password set to that account.

Go to this link.
Create a free acount. Create a Dynamic DNS name and install their software for updating it automatically.

Your home is now all set.

From the computer that is filtered.
Open Putty

Scroll down to SSH-Tunnels
Make sure the top check box is checked.
Put port 2345 into the source port boc.
Click Dynamic and auto and click add.

Go back to the top and click session. Put your dynamic DNS name into the Host name or IP Address. Select Port 22. This port should always be open for ssh for admins and its illegal to block it.
Click SSH.
Save your settings and click open

Put in your home PC username and password.

Now open freecap.
In settings. Put the IP into the server box and 2345 into the port box.
Apply and save.

Now click new application
Add the Internet Explorer or browser exe into the target.
Launch the app using freecap.
All trafic will now go through your home PC bypassing the filter.

This works for any application.

This took me a long time to work out and I have rushed this guide a bit. Any questions just post and ill reply to u ASAP.