update on Osama news from the press conference

Ok so from what I’ve seen and heard so far Osama is confirmed as dead. President Obama got wind of his whereabouts on a shaky lead given to him last year. after about four months they managed to get pretty good evidence on his actual location. last week the president decided there was enough evidence to support a tactical insertion of a small force to go find and eliminate Osama. The small force entered the area and after a shoot out they managed to kill Osama and take his body. NO AMERICANS WERE KILLED DURING THIS OPERATION! after DNA testing was confired president Obama has finally decided to go public with the news.

(this part is purely speculation and rumors as I have seen no conclusive reports on this so far) from what I have heard they are going to destroy his body and not give it the correct burial procedures and leave him in an unmarked grave.

I will update as more information comes out but please forgive me if I am a little late on the information Hell week has just begun at my school (its the week before finals) so I’m going to be pretty much flooded with work.

Please discuss this new news and I will Update as soon as possible.