how do you put gifs on sharenator


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    ok it's quite complicated but i'm willing to sacrifice some of my time just for you, you lucky lucky bastard

    there are several steps to the process, if you follow them each accurately it should work just fine, so here they are:

    step 1: take off your shoe
    step 2: remove sock
    step 3: place sock inside raw chicken (you may have to buy a raw chicken for this step if you do not have any in the fridge)
    step 4: fart on the raw chicken 4 times, no more no less
    step 5: lubricate the chicken nice and thoroughly
    step 6: put chicken in oven for 45 minutes
    step 7: remove chicken from oven

    congratulations you have now made an uploadable gif, I hope that helped, good luck!

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    ok this is the serious explaination.

    Get your downloaded gif files. In the new post window, click the browse button at the bottom. select ALL of your gif files. Click ok or whatever. Soon after, a few bars will appear to show the upload status. After they have done, you will get a small text field that says http:/ /files.shar or whatever the gif is called. Either copy and paste this url into the post, or press the Add to Post button, which will paste it automatically to the end of the post, so for loads of files at once, just click add on all of them.

    You dont need any special tags. When you click next, sharenator magic automatically converts the GIF url into the image.

    to put it simply, you paste in an image url, and it will NOT be displayed as a url.

    so, typing in:
    http:/ /files.sharen oast_boingy_wm-s300x223-88431.gif (without the spaces)
    will result in:

    like this

    - gemie89 October 24, 2010, 10:18 am
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