How do you celebrate the holidays?

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In Iceland we open the presents on Christmas eve, instead of the morning after.
in my family we wake up early on Christmas, my mom starts cooking dinner.
we all take a shower and make sure all the presents are under the tree.
there are almost always extra members from our family in our home at Christmas, wich is the case this year, so we pick them up or they come themselves.
at 5:something PM we are ready and dinner on the table, with the radio turned on, waiting for *bells* in the radio station to ring at 6:00 PM exactly.
we wish each other a merry Christmas and then sit down to eat a glorious meal that always has plenty of leftovers for a couple of days.
after dinner we sit down in the living-room and chat a little, then a member of the family takes one random present at a time for being opened
then we play a board-game or sit and chat or anything like that until it’s long past midnight.

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