7 Unusual ways to charge your phone

Running out of charge on your phone can be a major frustration, especially if you do not have your charger at hand. These people have come up with ingenious ways to recharge their phones if they cannot use the standard method.

How to charge a phone from the rail tracks

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charge phone from rail tracks

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How to charge your phone with lemon

charge phone lemon

How to charge your phone with hot water

How to charge your phone with 9v battery

How to charge your phone with a watermelon

How to charge your phone with an orange

charge phone orange

How to charge your phone with Fire

Of course, just because you can, it doesn’t mean that you should, and many of these ideas are not great for your phone. These suggestions are all carried out by trained experts in the field and they should not be attempted by people who do not have any expertise of their own.