In English class we were assigned to write a letter for homework useing all ten of our vocabulary words. This is what my friend Yesica wrote.

“My dear friend (or perhaps we should call you enemy)”

Over the past few months, we have, with much effort, wrought the perfect replica of a ziggurat. This, we think, is much more impressive than any Egyptian pyramid. Recreating the ancient temples of the Sumerian people required many yeomen. You should have seen the historians and architects! They were so unctuous because we had discovered how the Sumerians created those complex structures.

So, as usual, we went to our ziggurat to winnow it. We wouldn’t want it to be taken over by wild animals, now would we? You see, I always thought of you as a xenophobe. You never seem to want to leave that precious Great Britain of yours. Imagine my surprise when I saw you had usurped my precious building.

Not only did you take it over, but it appears like a vortex passed right through it. In its place is a castle that reminds us of a certain school. All around it are the broken pieces of our once majestic ziggurat. You have made many vacuous decisions before, but Harry, you are fully aware that is prohibited to use your magical powers outside of specified territory. It is with much vehement that we ban you from our empire. Thank you very much for understanding.

Woody and Buzz
(The current rulers of Narnia)