Hilarious Pictures of Your Favorite Superheroes

Edy Hardjo proves that action figures are not just for children by creating a series of hilarious staged photos of superheroes in some rather cheeky positions. The photos that you will see have all been posed with Edy’s own plastic action figures, and have been touched up with a little bit of Photoshop magic.

He has used his own daily experiences as inspiration for the photos he has taken, which has managed to change the “usual” into the “unusual”. His photo art series shows us that maybe superheroes are not that special after all.

another peaceful morning

bruce having hell visit from marvel

big day for big guy coming soon

civil war frontline

now horror thats hair jungle

take look their activity behind curtain

lied all time turns out survived after all

clash titans

peeping tom

stark industries awesome

batman superman

somebodys gonna get smashed

hairdressing saloon

civil war cancelled

bachelor meatballs

You can follow his art work at his facebook page.