High ideas

High ideas

-i just wonder

What would happen if you impregnate a Tiger with like a common house cats siemen? Would you have domestic mini tigers? I would want one!

-weed flavored rolling papers!!

there needs to be weed flavored rolling papers, so when all you can find is SHITTY weed, you can use them and make it taste like good weed!?!?

-Oh shit just think

outside is so tall. just think about how tall it is.

-Think about it

How did humans think to themselves before any type of spoken language had been created? Cuz when you think to yourself, you’re kind of talking to yourself inside your head. But if you dont know any language, how is this possible?

-What color is a mirror

I know a mirror just reflects other colors, but why do i get the impression that its silver. Even in cartoons its a silver color……. weird.

-The most amazing Walmart game

step 1: toke bowls with 4+ friends

step 2: enter walmart

step 3: everyone buy a gumball from the quarter machine

step 4: each person runs around the store filling a cart with items of the color of the gumball you got

step 5: arrange carts in a rainbow at the front of the store

step 5.5: leave and laugh your balls off

First person to fill their cart and bring it to the front of the store WINS


-Rise Up Lights

If you say rise up lights it sounds like you’re sayin razorblades in australlian

-snow maaaan

dude, what if snow was warm? I’m pretty blazed but shit imagine what’d that’d be like

-Have you ever been to Walmart at 3 AM?

That’s some fuckin Twilight Zone type shit, it’s the scariest most horrifying, chilling, demonic supernatural type of phenomena a human being could ever experience. I’m serious, I dare you to walk into your local 24 hr Walmart supercenter during the quiet, lonely, midnight hours that everyone slumbers during except the demons from underneath the floortiles.

-How to be an awesome girlfriend.

For my boyfriends 21st birthday, I made him 21 joints and the “candle” for good luck was a super joint. Next, I put weed in a bottle of bong vodka and let it sit there for 5 weeks. Oh yeah, and when he got high he could eat his birthday cake-chocolate cake with whip cream icing and cookie dough center.

What have you ladies done for your boyfriend? Am I the only one who does things like these?

-Team Rocket…

why can’t they just send their pokemon to sneak attack the trainers… and THEN rob them?

-I wonder if…

the highdeas.com website has the record for “most forgot yourr password links clicked” ?

-Blind Person and Weed

What do you think a blind person experiences when they smoke weed?