HDMI cable for $2,199.75

This is most expensive HDMI cable I have seen in my life. And yes it is real.
hdmi cable

Here is a link to amazon page: product.

But look to a bright side, it comes with Free Shipping. The best part of this is customer reviews. Here are couple:

I couldn't believe how good this HDMI cable is. The first time I plugged it to my HDTV, Angelina Jolie just popped out from the screen and served me breakfast on bed. If you think that doesn't worth the price of the cable, I don't know what it is.

I wear this around my neck since it's more expensive than my previous gold chain. Coupled with my bling blaow on my toofuses, I look like a winner.

This Cable is literally more fascinating then the second coming of Jesus Christ. If humanity as a whole was desimated from some intergalactic asteroid, the memory of the human race should live on with this cable. I wanted to save to pay my college tuition but instead i decided to spend it on getting a twelve pack of these cable. I dont regret this decision at all! The audio is completely crystal clear and the video is 3d on my set-box TV! This cable has pushed the human race forward in every perspective!

This cable is the bomb! I plug it into my a$$ and project movies from my eyes onto the screen! Unbelievable picture quality too!

I bought one before the shortage, it instantly improved my life by giving me the ability to cure cancer, turn into a werewolf and it enlarged my johnson to porn star dimensions. As a further added bonus my poo now smells like heaven and I sell it on ebay to hippies as a natural air freshener, this gift from the gods has already paid for itself several times.

Customer Reviews

  • Darius
  • February 6, 2014, 4:08 am
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    Well if Angelina Jolie serves me breakfast in bed by popping out of my TV like a best buy genie I'd say 2200 is a steal.

  • 2

    I pretty much enjoy purchasing vastly overpriced luxury items just for the fuck of it. Mostly because hippies get pissed off.

    I do however have to say that buying a piece of wire that transmits a DIGITAL signal for $2K surely takes the biscuit.

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