Have a smart time in the toilet!

Have you ever thought that an average person visits a toilet 6-8 times a day? It means that we spend about 3 years of our lifetime sitting on a water-closet! As you already know it is a pretty boring stuff. So, to make it more entertaining some people read books, magazines or listen to music. But what if it isn’t available to do any of these things? The perfect solution for that is the toilet paper which has all the entertainment on itself. I want to present you unique toilet paper designs which will make your time in the toilet more interesting than ever!

Mind trainer

mind trainer toilet roll

mind trainer toilet roll


ruler toilet paper

sudoku toilet roll

Save Energy with Glow in the Dark toilet roll
glow dark toilet paper

origami - have a smart time in the toilet!

funny toilet roll

greenpeace toilet paper

musical toilet roll

notepad toilet paper

  • Ensx
  • July 3, 2015, 6:44 am
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